Sunday, June 21, 2009


Getting information on Panama isn't really a problem. I guess it's knowing what information to ignore which is the difficulty. There are many internet forums available and entire days can be spent sifting through the wisecracks and unedited posts to find valuable information that can actually be put to use.

Which doesn't mean we haven't spent our time subscribing and reading through hundreds of messages. As we come across a hidden gem it gets tagged and put into favorite bookmarks or saved as a file or even printed out as hard-copy.

Yahoo Groups is the home to a wide-range of Panama related forums. Enter "Panama" in the search box and several will pop up to get you started.

Our favorite website for Panama is Panama Guide. Owner, Don Winner, provides many english translations of Panama news articles with an ex-pat slant. Valuable and highly recommended.

We're told that finding your way in Panama City can be a chore. The streets can have multiple names and there are few street signs. People give directions by landmarks. Our lawyer says her office is past the Shell station and across the street from the CitiBank. So, I was very happy to find a GPS map that works with Garmin Mobile XT on my AT&T Tilt. Routes & waypoints created on the PC can be downloaded to smartphone. I'm hoping this will make it a bit easier getting around town.

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