Thursday, August 6, 2009

Arrangements in Los Altos de Cerro Azul

videocapture of Vistamares © 2009 Leslie Lieurance

Cerro Azul is about 40 minutes from Tocumen International Airport, at an elevation of 2,500-3,000 feet above sea level. We will be staying here until August 22, when we head to the Canopy Lodge for a final 4 days of intensive birding before returning to San Francisco.

In December 2008, Les and I birded in Cerro Azul (C.A.) on just one late-December morning of our nearly 3-week Panama trip, but we were enchanted and impressed by the birding and the area. We knew we had to get back here, one way or another.

After we left the Canopy Tower on July 31, we got our rental car and did a little shopping on the way to C.A. We will be doing most of our own cooking, so we needed supplies. The first house we rented here was huge - up on a ridge with Swallow-tailed Kites overhead and windblown trees down the slope - but we felt we were just rattling around in there, even with Jorge to keep us company.

When Les met Paul (the landlord) at the office to take care of some business, he noticed a 2-bedroom apartment below the office. The little apartment is more our style and it has several advantages over the large house on the ridge. One is the internet availability in the office - no wireless, but we are allowed to use the service in the office whenever we want. (We had no internet availability at the large house!) Another is the show-stopping avian abundance just off the terrace. More on that later.

After 2 days at the big house, we took Jorge to Tocumen for his flight to Atlana, and then we spent 2 more days at the big house before moving to the apartment above the office.

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