Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jaguar just in.

This marvelous photo of a jaguar comes to us from Jackie & Greg Willis. They are educators/researchers working on Barro Colorado Island. This image is from one of the motion capture cameras they have set-up for their work. Greg saw one of these fantastic creatures many years ago. Now they have the documentary evidence that these cats swim from the mainland onto the island.

As Jackie told us...

"We hope that if more ecotourists like us are talking about jaguars in the Canal area as a reason to visit Panama, maybe the government will exert enough pressure to enforce the hunting laws. My Panamanian friends tell me about wealthy, high-placed Panamanians who are still gleefully taking trophies of jaguars and tapirs (and) other endangered species, totally illegal, and quite unstoppable. "

This intrepid couple is now working with Canopy Tower to place cameras for documenting their night creatures. Thanks to Jackie & Greg for all of their pioneering work.

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