Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pipeline +

Today, November 8th, we ventured again to Pipeline Road. We were caught in a lengthy downpour around 9:30 AM, but our umbrellas kept us dry from the knees up.

We enjoyed more fine views of Chestnut-backed Antbird and many other regulars. Les got excellent video of some Scarlet-rumped Caciques on the road to the Discovery Center.

On our way down from Pipeline Road, I spotted an owl on a telephone wire near the Soberania National Park headquarters. At first, I thought it was a plastic owl (in the U.S.A., people sometimes place plastic owls on rooftops in an unsuccessful effort to deter pigeons or starlings), but then I noticed that a couple of feathers were blowing in the breeze, and then I saw the owl turn its head. Les screeched to a halt at the side of the road, but the owl flew off the wire toward a tree. At my insistence, we pulled into the parking lot of the headquarters, and after a short search, I relocated the owl in a tree near the car. Les's video of the Striped Owl shows how cute it is, with the black outline to the facial disk and the prominent "ears". I have a new favorite owl.

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