Monday, December 28, 2009

Marching Music at the Mall

On Sunday, December 27th, after participating in our second CBC in the Republic of Panama, we went shopping at the Albrook Mall. The mall situation in Panama seems the same to us as it did in the U.S.A. - they are everywhere, more are being constructed, and they are huge.

Albrook is one of the larger indoor malls, and it was crowded on this particular Sunday afternoon. As we were heading toward the exit near where our vehicle was parked, I mentioned to Les that the lower level was a sea of people. We heard marching band music, and it became louder and louder. It soon became apparent why there was a sea of people - all the shoppers on the lower level had moved to one side to make way for the Colegio Moisés Castillo Ocaña Marching Band that filled the aisle on the other side. The band was marching along as they played a rousing number, heavy on the brass. It was truly deafening - I was covering my ears - but also quite a spectacle to see and hear. Les used his Flip camera to get some footage - turn up your volume to max and then try to imagine it being 50x louder.

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