Sunday, March 7, 2010

Don Gennaro's

We have eaten several pizzas in the Republic of Panama. The first two were mediocre and definitely not something we would order again. But dogged persistence has led us to one decent pizza restaurant and one, Pizzeria Don Gennaro's, that we like a lot. Friends mentioned that Don Gennaro's had a wood-fired oven, so we thought it was worth a try. Les shot some video of the place while we were waiting for our $7.50 "Familia" sized pie.

OK - so the ambience isn't great, or even good, but if you sit away from the oven and out toward the front entry, it's only about 87 degrees, and although neither water nor ice is available, you are welcome to buy a soft drink from the cooler. The pie crust was flavorful and crisp, and although the mushrooms were canned (every other pizza we've had in Panama also had canned mushrooms), we plan to return to this place.


  1. How'd you get the strength to order para llevar? When I visit, I want to eat there.

  2. We ate about half of it right there. I had them pack the rest para llevar. And it was pretty darned good when we reheated it. We will definitely eat there when you visit.

  3. So, Les, what editing software are you using?
    I did a job for AAA last month using a Panasonic and P2 cards... no transferring at all. Just into my portable iomega hard drive! Slick as can be.
    Want me to mail you some fresh mushrooms?

  4. Shot and edited with Flip HD. VERY SOPHISTICATED editing software...every transition is a dissolve and only a dissolve. Makes choosing less stressful.

    Also use Sony Vegas HD if I want to get fancy and just make a cut.