Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ceiling Unfinished

It is still not done! Nearly a month since they started it, we are still waiting. We expected it to drag on a while, but not this long.

Fortunately, the worst of the dusty, noisy, filthy steps are completed. The daily sweeping up and wiping up of huge amounts of cement dust and grit was a trial, and it's good to be past at least that part of the process.

We had to wait quite a long time for the contractor to find enough of the trim strips (they cover the seams where the cement boards meet each other and the walls) for the whole ceiling. But finally, on the Saturday before Easter, he found the quantity required.

Now they will be glued in place. It will undoubtedly be another mess to deal with, but at least the glue does not fly through the air and into every nook and cranny and land on every surface including the walls and even drift in through the louvers in the closet doors.

The great news is that the geckos are having serious difficulty making a living in here. That makes me happy! I still hear them chuckling at night, but now I chuckle back instead of cursing aloud at them, since the sounds are not coming from within the house. For a week or two I could still see a couple on the kitchen ceiling, and hear one in the bathroom. I swear they were looking rather skinny during their last days indoors, but now even those individuals are sealed out. I haven't had to clean up after them for quite a few days.

Footage of the video Les shot shows the cement board in place on the living room ceiling, but with no trim strips yet. Bonus views of a Rufous-tailed Hummingbird are also included. It eventually made its way out the open window to the left. It took a while for it to find the window, which takes up almost half the wall, but the hummers always want to stay high when they come in.

Now if we could just get our life back, without workers underfoot every day creating new disruptions and messes for us to clean up.

To be continued . . . . .

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