Friday, April 16, 2010

The Finished Ceiling

It finally happened - the crew installed the last two fans, cleaned a few grimy fingerprints off the ceiling, and finished the project on Wednesday morning. What was predicted to take "a week or two" ended up taking 34 days from beginning to end not counting the first three days when the project did not even get off the ground due to "the first day of school." That's not an accurate count of actual work days, since it includes Sundays, Good Friday, a delay of about a week when we could not find enough molding for the ceiling corners, several days when nobody showed up at all, a couple days when they had "car trouble" and were either late or did not show up, a few days when the contractor (upon whom the crew often depended for a ride to our place) was ill or had someone else pulling harder at him than we did.

But now it's done and we've put behind us all the delays and frustrations during the process. We really like the finished ceiling - it follows the roof line, so we still have very high vaulted ceilings, the feeling of openness, it's brighter now due to the new white paint, and the fans are a nice addition.

We probably will not often need the fans for cooling, but maybe they will help disperse the humidity during the wet season.