Monday, April 12, 2010

Insects, Arachnids and Other Critters

While tending to the yard, I have noticed some very large insects. Usually it's a surprise to discover them - they don't fly in or crawl up to where I am working. They were there all along, and I finally realize that they are not a twig or leaf that I was trying to pick up or brush aside, that type of thing. One that Les got video of was a huge and beautiful grasshopper. It appeared in the front garden after some work on the awning.

The insect in the photo with the bananas appeared to be a weevil. It had the typical weevil snout. We called it a Banana Weevil, although it does not look like any of the photos I could find on the web.

Another impressive creature was this Walking Stick. I was pulling pine needles and twigs from a flower bed, and when I tugged at a thick twig, it resisted. I shouted for Les to come out and bring the camera. When I tried to dress up the shot a little by placing the beast on something bright green, his strong grip on the bark prevented me from doing so. Maybe I could have pulled him off the tree, but I was afraid of leaving one or more of his legs behind.

And then there are the furry little things - they look like tiny dust mops, in either reddish brown or gray. The fur appears to be quite long. We guess they are a type of caterpillar, but we don't know. If anybody out there does, fill us in, please! We saw these furry things only one day, when there were several around, and we have seen none since.

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