Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Devil's Artwork

We've already mentioned the Diablo Rojos - the refurbished school buses from the U.S.A. that have been re-purposed as public transportation here in Panama. Soon (so they say) they will be a thing of the past, since the implementation of the Metro Bus system is now underway. No longer will these colorful (and in many cases, very poorly maintained and unsafe) old vehicles be roaring up and down the streets and byways, belching clouds of diesel smoke, cutting off anyone in their path.

We thought it was worthwhile to get some shots of the creatively decorated exteriors of the Diablos.

My favorites are the ones with shark fins or wings on the top and plenty of lights around the license plate frames and on the grills.

Our friend Jorge noted during his visit that cartoon characters seem to have made quite an impression on the driver/owners. True, it's rare to see a Diablo without at least one cartoon character painted on the back or side.

Pop singers (almost none of whom we've heard of) are another popular theme.

Political figures (none that we've noticed are current office-holders) are perennial favorites . . .

. . . as are religious themes.

And family members (presumably) of the driver/owners are popular as well.

We'll miss the street artistry of the Diablo Rojos when they're gone - but not the spewing Devil Fumes.

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