Sunday, June 6, 2010

Not a Crouching Tiger

This one is a bobbing and weaving tiger. Specifically, it is a Fasciated Tiger-Heron. Our birding pal, Claudia Aherns, called this morning with news of the bird, which they saw along the river on their way down the hill. Cindy and I made a beeline for the car with camera in hand for what would be a life bird.

Cindy found the it at the designated spot and and I started rolling. Standing in the middle of the river, the Fasicated Tiger-Heron was actively hunting prey. One of it's lunges was captured on video and you can see it swallowing several times.

I certainly enjoyed seeing it walk and hop among the rocks in the Rio Jefe. It only used it's wings to actively fly, so it must have very nimble ankles to make such long jumps.


  1. nice job, have seen a few out here in Pedasi, very tuff to get close to. again great job, Bartolo Tumolo

  2. Congratulations for your life bird. Great work! I still need that bird for Panamá (I saw one many years ago in central Perú).

  3. We are keeping an eye out for the bird. If it sticks around, we will let you know!

  4. Glad you were able to get this one. Great film. We always drive by that area slowly checking the river & annoying anyone behind us.