Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby Woody

A pair of Red-crowned Woodpeckers built a nest in a Cecropia tree in our yard. We've been hearing a lot of churring coming from it for over a week, and just in the last few days we have been able to see a little head peeking out. We wondered if a steady diet of ripe bananas would stunt the chick's growth, since both parents spend a lot of time helping the tanagers, euphonias and honeycreepers empty the banana feeders. Upon closer observation, we discovered that the parents are making frequent deliveries of high-protein snacks such as insects and other invertebrates.


  1. That is one hungry youngster! I feel like we were a part of this little ones life!


  2. You were, as the first observer of its parents fitting out the nest in that Cecropia. S/he fledged 2 days ago. We're hoping to get footage of it elsewhere in the yard, but it's mostly more distant now.