Friday, March 4, 2011

Second Visit to The Wilson

We returned to the Wilson Botanical Garden in Costa Rica early this year. Although we don't much want to leave home these days, we enjoyed ourselves at the Wilson. Last year's visit was during the rainy season. The weather this time was sunny, dry and quite warm. Ariadna again took us out for a morning field trip, sharing some of her extensive knowledge about the local flora and fauna. And Marco had his camera at the ready so we can share with you some beauty shots - of the area and of the local wildlife. The video of most of the birds was from the balcony of our room.


  1. Quite a collection! Looking at it, it's hard to see why, say, a Black-and-white Warbler would be motivated to leave behind such lushly mossy tree trunks to fly a couple thousand miles north to build a nest in cold northern climes.

  2. I've heard that there are advantages to maintaining residency in two countries.