Friday, August 24, 2012

Dancing in the Darién

It was a total blast.  Our pal Bob Behrstock visited us for a week prior to leading his tour with the Canopy Tower Family.  Bob began leading Panamá trips in the 1980's, so he tells of some fine bird encounters.  Although all three of us had already visited the province, the allure of the Darién still beckoned with the possibility of something else exciting..  There were bugs and birds we all wanted a first or better look at.

We journeyed out east/south towards the Darién for a couple of days.  I was gripping the steering wheel and dodging potholes, while Bob and Cindy kept a lookout for roadside attractions.  They would call out and I would back us up for a better look.  There were side roads and walks too, of course. All in all, not a bad system, as Cindy and I added seven life birds and Bob added two.

The Black-capped Donacobius stands tall as a prize of the Darién as they are moving westward from Colombia. From the road alongside a marsh, we heard their wild duet.  Seeing them in full song and dance is a highlight for any nature watcher.


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  1. we also heard the Donacobius during our last trip to Darien... my favorite duetting behavior!